Several years ago I invited my friend to retreat. She had never been to a women’s retreat before and she had just started coming to our church. I had no idea of the life transformation that would happen in her. She came, not knowing what to expect, but with an expectant heart. She wanted to experience God and feel his presence the way others talk about. She hadn’t even started a relationship with Christ and didn’t really know who he is. She came that weekend and she told herself she was all in!! She would sing, she would pray, and she would seek God. God met her there. God changed her life forever that weekend!

As I am reminded of my friend several things hit me.

I’m so glad I reached out and invited her. She wasn’t a Christian and that could have stood in my way of asking her to come. Excuses could have formed like – “she doesn’t believe what I do – she would never come!” or “how would she arrange childcare for her kids that weekend?” I listened to God and opened my mouth and invited her. He wanted her at retreat and he used me to get her there!! Look for women to invite!! This retreat could change their lives forever!!

1. Pray for those you are going to invite in preparation! Pray that God would soften their heart and they would say yes!! Pray that he would meet them there and do an incredible work in their lives.

2. Don’t let someone’s spiritual life or lack thereof deter you from inviting them. Retreats are powerful and God moves!! Don’t limit him to inviting only those you think will get something out of it.

3. Be ALL IN!! Experience retreat! Participate in worship, prayer, share your story with others so that they can get to know you – the good, bad, and the ugly!!

4. Above all else: Come and seek God! God will meet you there! He wants to change our lives forever! Make it happen!