Ruth Mitchell is a woman on a journey to knowing the heart of God, she longs to bring as many others with her on the same journey. Her desire is to see everyone, understand and walk in the masterpiece they were created to be. 

She currently serves on the pastoral team at Hillsong Church in Phoenix, AZ, teaching and coaching in the areas of spiritual formation and women's ministry. She has over 25yrs experience in marriage and family along with women’s ministry. She also served with “Leaders That Last Ministries” as a coach for women in full time ministry.

Her joy is when people come into a real understanding that they are an original and have been created for purpose. She doesn't take life too seriously which has allowed her to thrive and overcome the challenges of motherhood, being a wife and being in full time ministry. Though she will tell you that everyone who loves Jesus is in full time ministry.

Her speaking and encouraging has taken her all over the globe and across the street, from Malawi to Guatemala to Gilbert, Arizona USA and so many places in between. 

Loving life with her high school sweetheart turned husband of more than 37yrs and her 4 kids and God-given spouses and her ever growing number of grandchildren (currently 12) They call her Gogo. you should ask her why!